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Midna as an assist trophy for SSB4!


Shinjimikami’s 3DS Giveaway:

What’s the occasion? Who cares. I barely even touch my 3DS. Stop asking me where and how I get my stuff. The 3D on this is broke but I doubt anyone cares for the 3D function anyway. Everything else works fine. Included w/ a charger. (NO GAMES!!)

The rules are simple:

  • You must be following me. I will be checking to see if you follow me. If you do not follow me and you reblog this, you have no chance of winning.
  • I will be using a generator to randomize the winner.
  • Liking this post does not count.
  • No duplicate blogs are allowed to reblog this.
  • You can ONLY reblog this once. Please don’t spam.
  • The giveaway will end the on the first day of E3 (June 10th)
  • YOU MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH GIVING ME YOUR ADDRESS and yes I do ship out of states as well… You better be thankful.



You got 12 purple rupees!

But they won’t fit in your wallet now, so let’s put them back.

if this didnt happen to you in Twilight Princess i don’t know if you really played fo real


twilight princess was a good game yeh


twilight babe






WOAH it’s time for my promised 1K and ten Follower Giveaway! 


  • Must be following me
  • Must reblog this, likes don’t count although you can like it
  • No giveaway blogs (i.e. your blog must be active)
  • If you follow one or more of my sideblogs you’ll potentially get extra prizes…
  • Must be comfortable with giving address! And if you’re under 18 have your parents consent. Or. Y’know. At least pretend like you do.

There will be ONE WINNER who receives these prizes:

  • 1 Free! Iwatobi Bracelet - I found those here but to be honest we can negotiate if you want
  • 1 Set of Attack on Titan Keychains - Same deal. Found them here but if you want another one under $10 yeah
  • 1 pack of Hi-Chew, your choice of flavor!
  • And of course Promo, Promo, and more Promo. Winner will get a permanent spot on my blog for the year, as well as promos sporadically and a promo whenever they ask.
  • 1 super secret surprise prize… (if u want)

Giveaway ends on my birthday- which is MAY 15!! That gives you a little less than a month, so get crackin’!! I think that’s it




this could be us but u a video game character

Doesn’t that make YOU the one that’s playin

Shit. shit. It was ME playin all along. Dammit


is this what heaven looks like


Oh god that animation is so good ;w;


New Lunchtime + eyes


if a charmander running in circles chasing its tail doesnt fit your blog then you are running the wrong kind of blog